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We do realize that long-term business can only be made with high-quality products, economical prices, quick delivery and speedy service. Hence, the building of mutual trust and confidence by exporting products with value constantly stay at the top of our company policy.

Currently exports to over 10 major countries serving 15 clients with an export turnover of US$ 4.2 million. The countries are..

  • Africa
  • dubai
  • kuwait
  • kenya
  • lanka
  • oman
  • poland
  • qutar
  • brazil
  • italy


Sr.No Size No.of Tiles/Boxes Coverage Area Approx Weight / Box
1 600 x 600mm 4 1.44 Sq.Mtr 28 Kg
2 800 x 800mm 3 1.92 Sq.Mtr 40 Kg